Class Inquiry Overview

The Class Inquiry function allows the grouping of Vendors into standard areas as applicable to your business.
This expands the sorting or grouping of your data in the production of reports generated from SapphireOne Accounting Software.

Before setting up any Vendors consideration should be given to the Classes that they will be linked to. Remember always set up Classes first then you can link the Vendors to their respective Classes. If you do not, you will have to create a Class for an existing Vendor, then re-open the Vendor and then select the Class from the Class data entry field!

How to set up Vendor Classes

Once a Class has been selected the Look, and Modify buttons operate as normal in other areas of SapphireOne.

Once you have set up a Class using the New button, and then created New Vendors within this Class, when the class is next opened, these new Vendors will be displayed in a list in the lower section of the screen.

To add an existing Vendor to this Class you would go to a Vendor Inquiry, select the required Vendor and alter the Class of that Vendor to WG. Alternatively, when creating a New Vendor, you would set their Class up as WG to place them in this Class of WG.

You would then return to this screen and check that SapphireOne has correctly identified the Vendor and placed the Vendor in the Class you have selected.

Remember that Vendors may only be added to an existing Class so the normal process is to create the Class first then add Vendors to the Class

Superannuation Class for Vendors

In SapphireOne superannuation is now paid to a Vendor for each employee and these Vendors are recognised by SapphireOne as Superannuation Vendors. A new Class of Vendor is now used for these Vendors and this class must use the characters SUPER in the ID. There are two ways to enter in the Vendor details for paying superannuation. 

  1. Enter in the details from the Superannuation page itself. SapphireOne will then create the Class and the Vendor automatically with a minimum of details. To do this you will have to use Payroll mode
    Payroll \ Administration Employee Inquiry \ Superannuation Page 
  2. Enter both the Class and Vendor details here in Accounts mode. The Class MUST contain the word SUPER, e.g. 1SUPER, SUPER1, XSUPER, SUPERX and so on. Then set up you superannuation Vendors as required. 

Setting up a new Class of Vendor for Superannuation is straight forward, just follow the details above on a Class Inquiry for Vendors. However, the name is very specific. It MUST contain the Vendor ID, the employee’s name, as well as the ID of the super fund that the superannuation amount is being paid to.

The main difference in the creation of a Superannuation Vendor is to be found on the second page screen More Details. Check that the Default GL Code is correct.  Once you select the Superannuation checkbox SapphireOne will look for the correct account and enter it automatically.

Check that it is the correct account and that it is the correct Company in a multi company data files. In Bondi Blue, it is Superannuation Payable and Sydney -0, zero.

If the vendor is created from within the Payroll mode, this checkbox will automatically be set active. If the Vendor is created here in Accounts mode, this checkbox will have to be set active manually. 

In all of the cases above select the tick to save the Class.

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