Bank Audit Report

Bank Audit Report Overview

The Bank Audit Report within SapphireOne General Ledger Reports Menu will print a Bank Audit Report of all posted, but not yet reconciled, transactions within a selected Bank Account. This report is mainly required for Audit purposes, and allows the user to select an Account and to print a report that lists the unreconciled bank transactions that have been posted against the selected Bank Account. 

How to Create a Report

When the Bank Audit Report is selected from the General Ledger Reports menu, the user is presented with the below dialog screen displaying the Bank Account IDs and Account Names. The user may select any Account and select OK

There may be a subset of accounts linked to the selected account. In this case, the user will be presented with a similar pop up screen that lists the linked subset accounts. The user may then select the subset account they would like to report on. In the example below, the ‘Main Bank’ has been selected and the linked subset main bank accounts are displayed. 

The Foreign Currency Bank Accounts are displayed in the second dialog screen as seen below. From here the user can choose the required Account, which in this example is the Currency, then select Edit

Next the user is offered the option to select the order in which the transaction data is to be sorted within the Bank Audit Report.

Report Example

Below is an example of the first page of the SapphireOne Bank Audit Report. 

Accounts-General Ledger-Bank Audit Report

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