Follow the steps below to install SapphireOne on your Mac

Step 1 – Load DVD

Insert the SapphireOne Installer DVD into the DVD drive on your computer.

Note: if you do not have a DVD drive you can download the files from the SapphireOne FTP.

Click here for instructions

Step 2 – Unpack the Application

Double click on the .dmg file

Step 3 – Install the application

Drag the SapphireOne icon to your Applications folder

Step 4 – Open the application

  1. Go to your Applications folder and click on the SapphireOne Logo
  2. Select the SapphireOne Standalone Folder
  3. Double-click the SapphireOne application


Step 5 – Select the data file

  1. Navigate back to your Application folder and click on the SapphireOne log
  2. Choose the Sample Data File folder
  3. Click on the BondiBlue.4DD file and select the Open button


Step 6 – Validation & Agreement

Click Agree to continue

Step 7 – Email Notification

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Company Name
  3. Country
  4. Click the Send button

Note: You will need to be connected to the internet to complete this step.


Step 8 – Login Details

  1. Enter Login ID: SONE0
  2. Enter Password: SONE0

Note: All characters are capitalised and the last character is a numeral (zero)

Step 9 – Message Alert

If you are connected to the internet you will be able to select OK to continue.

Step 10 – Terms & Conditions

Click Agree to begin