Credit card & EFT processing functionality

SapphireOne has teamed up with Australia’s fastest growing payment gateway provider┬áto provide SapphireOne users the ability to process credit card payments directly from SapphireOne. Whether it be out on the road using the SapphireOne Web Pack from an iPhone or straight from the full client sitting on your desktop, this integration will allow SapphireOne users to process credit card payments on the spot without the need for any 3rd party Merchant Facility hardware.

To take advantage of this of this extremely efficient & economical functionality, SapphireOne users only need to set-up an account and away they go.

SapphireOne system support the use of all credit card system. Standard error checking and data verification for all credit card is done within the SapphireOne ERP CRM enterprise business accounting software solution. Provision is also made for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) within the SapphireOne  system.

To find out more information about this exciting new functionality, please call one of our SapphireOne Sales Team today on (02) 8362 4500.