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SapphireOne’s General Ledger Class inquiry is a 4 alphanumeric ID which creates hierarchical level grouping which sits above the general ledger accounts. This grouping structure gives the ability to report the Trial Balance, Income Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet as a condensed summary, where you may have an extensive list of general ledger accounts that sit within a single general ledger class, this allows us to create a condensed and simplified report.

The General Ledger Class structure has three reporting groups; Class, Group and Report. Under the class heading there are twelve classes to define the general ledger: Income, Costs of Goods, other Income, Expenses, Appropriation, Current Assets, Bank Assets, Non-Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Non- Current Liabilities, Bank Liabilities and Equity.

We have the ability to add notes to the general Ledger Class which are date & time stamped with the user’s ID.

When creating a new General Ledger account, we add the General Ledger Class which will fill the reporting positions automatically. The General Ledger Class setting determines whether the General Ledger account is a debit or credit type account.

On a standard General Ledger inquiry screen, the Class is the forth column which can be sorted or subset to show a single class of General ledger accounts, or by holding the Command key on a Mac OS or control key on Windows OS, a user may select a range of classes to show a subset. On a custom inquiry, the user can select any number of fields to view.

The General Ledger Class Inquiry setting determines whether the General Ledger account is a debit or credit type account.

SapphireOne – GL Class Inquiry

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