SapphireOne - Projects

Know what’s going on

SapphireOne projects allows the tracking of revenue and costs which are related to a specific task or job. By linking these items through the use of a project ID, SapphireOne allows accurate assessment of the profitability of the jobs, matters, projects or engagements undertaken.

Inventory may be allocated or reserved for a particular job or task, allowing greater control of your resources. Labour is also valuable commodity that me allocated and tracked in relation too specific tasks or jobs. A project financial report for income and costs, similar to a profit and loss statement may be printed at any time. The reporting can also be on balance sheet by project.

Maximise profit with SapphireOne’s Projects module. Allocate resources, optimise production and weed out hidden costs.

SapphireOne Accounting Software job projects  for mac

SapphireOne Job Projects Structure

SapphireOne Projects creates its own set of General Ledger (GL)Accounts specific to the particular Project ID, General Ledger account number and the first time an amount is allocated to the Project. Any subsequent allocations accumulate against that GL account.

The Projects Mode links to the General Ledger through the Transactions file. The Project ID draws its data from the General Ledger file. Project Budgets are specific to the individual Project ID and are not based upon data in the General Ledger.

When data is entered through the Projects Mode the transaction types are as shown below :

  • Standard Client transactions

    JCI & JCC drop the first letter and become standard Client transactions.

  • Vendor transactions

    Project Costs transactions are entered as Vendor transactions and remain so after processing

  • Resource transactions

    Resource transactions link to Project ID and the type remains the same. Timesheets has the ability to link to the SapphireOne Payroll;

  • Project Inventory transactions

    Project Inventory transactions drop the first letter and become GJ’s.

  • Standalone job projects

    SapphireOne provides the ability to set up individual job projects as standalone job projects. However, with the use of a parent job project the user may then aggregate or combine any number of job projects which would then be considered to be children of the parent project.

Fine tuning with SapphireOne Tools

There are lots of tools available in all modules of SapphireOne ERP Enterprise business Accounting software which are useful
for custom management of accounting system and fine tuning.