Rostering and Reporting Made Simple

How it works

  • Managers can roster within multiple locations and staff according to departments, roles and cost. Schedule daily, weekly or fortnightly rosters with ease.
  • Employees can track and view their own schedules, manage availability and pick up shifts on any device. Team communication flows between managers and employees.
  • Increase profitability by no more spreadsheets, controlling costs with automation, reducing labour costs, eliminating no-shows and streamlining operations.

Benefits of Rostering Software in SapphireOne

Rostering and Payroll within the one datafile

Rostering and payroll within the one datafile.

Capture Information

Create and edit rosters effortlessly from your favourite device. New shifts can be dragged & dropped from existing rosters or weekly schedules copied.

Approve rosters

Seamlessly review and approve rosters prior to publishing for all your staff.

Display real-time costing

Set the rules of staff rates and all shifts will be costed accordingly. Costs can be viewed by shift, employee and rostering basis.

Streamline attendance

Track staff hours for payroll accuracy and insights into workforce productivity.

Payroll Compliance

Payroll module is included in SapphireOne which is TFN declaration, ATO/STP compliant.

Rostering Components in SapphireOne

Video Guide

Data entry in SapphireOne rostering

Web Pack View

Rostering on-the-go to view, modify, sign in-out, pick up shifts


Inventory data entry in SapphireOne rostering

iPhone View

Rostering on-the-go to view, modify, sign in-out, pick up shifts


Vendor Requisitions in SapphireOne rostering

Working Transactions

Manager’s guide to modifying and importing employees and rosters


Inquiry in SapphireOne rostering

Importing Shifts

Manager’s guide to importing shifts into payroll