Simplify your Payroll System with one easy Document Management System (DMS)

Benefits of DMS for Payroll and HR

DMS offers a wide ranging service and solution to meet the needs of your growing business.

Bringing better talent to your business

Document Management Software makes it easy for staff to access information and report their needs in regards to jobs, leaves, wages etc.

Payroll HR Administration

Store employee information, copies of their passport, educational documents and process paperwork associated with other official documents

Easy to implement and manage

DMS process is very simple and easy to operate. Scan and attach newly generated paper documents or existing electronic record in an enterprise.

Benefits of Document Management System - Payroll

SapphireOne Document Management System DMS Workbook Mode

Improves employee relationships

Converting paper documents to electronic files gives HR administrators more time to focus on other activities as spending less time manually entering data which increases employee satisfaction.

Easily integrates with existing systems

A DMS can be easily integrated into an accounting software system for which managers and administrators don’t need to spend valuable time on extensive training for a new system.

Reduces the risk of damage and loss

Storing hard copy paper documents can be risky business. Documents can be destroyed by fire, flood and natural calamities such as severe storms.

Integrated DMS into Payroll and HR Administration system

One easy tool to use Payroll System with unique document management system (DMS)