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Payroll Maintenance

Employee Inquiry

The Employee Inquiry provides access to all Employee details. The Employee is initially set up here and then adjusted as required for any permanent changes to their information. Factual and reference data is maintained in the various screens provided. A drop-down menu is available from the Detail Screen, which will show the various levels available in each Employee file.

Employee Class & Department Inquiry

Utilise management reporting with a user-based system for grouping. Employees and provide departmental grouping of Employees for management reporting.


Access a history of any changes to the employee’s details. Set up your Projects in order to gather the various levels of information required for your management reporting purposes. Group employees and allow defaults for leave and superannuation to be set up by award, for ease of data entry.

Allowance Inquiry

The Allowance Inquiry provides access to all allowances and deductions. They are initially set up here and then maintained, as required, during your payroll operations. It is a combination of control settings, which will dictate where the General Ledger Journal will be posted within SapphireOne Financials. Provides access to an additional sort level that can be applied to reporting within payroll in order to analyse Income Types.

Allowance Totals Inquiry

This function provides access to allowance and deduction total figures in all employees’ files. For ease of use they are arranged in Allowance and Deduction groups, which show Period (Pay Run), Month-to-Date, and Year-to-Date in a simple Listing Screen. Special Query and Sort controls assist with the arrangement of data in various orders for reporting purposes.

General Ledger Inquiry

Set up your General Ledger accounts in order to gather the various levels of information required for your Management Reporting purposes. You will find all PAYG, allowances, deductions and other classifications that are reported to your General Ledger accounts are gathered here each period.

Tax Scale Inquiry

With Payroll Administration menu allow your business to maintain and add additional tax scales and rates. This information is collated from the Statement of Formulae for calculating income tax instalments (NAT 1004). This is normally imported from a file supplied by SapphireOne and imported into SapphireOne using the appropriate function in Utilities, Import Tax Rates.

Payroll Administration - Detailed Report

Employee Report

This is your business’ major reporting area for all employee pay information. Use the various selections here to print an array of data for employee reports.

Allowance Deduction Report

The key Allowance and Deduction Report is available from here, arranged in Pay Run/Month/YTD.


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Accountants & financial controllers all have their personal preferences. However, SapphireOne is a RocketShip because of its excellent reporting!
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