General Tools

General tools are accessible from any inquiry screen across the entire application

Common Tools

General Tools in Brief :

Office Export Wizard

SapphireOne has the ability to export all details from any table within the data file. With the help of this Wizard users can select which records and what data they wish to export in MS Word, MS Excel or Address book formats. This Tool requires Office 2007 or later.

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Query by Formula

Query by formula allows you to execute a query using a specific formula. Queries can be saved and reused.

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The graph function provides a graphical display of the data represented in the inquiry screens.

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Quick Report

Provides access to the Quick Report Editor Window where you can set up your required Quick Report structure and layout.

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Apply Formula

Apply Formula is used to modify fields on a large scale..

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XML Table Export

This tool enables you to save the current list displayed on screen as an XML document.

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80 – 20 Rule

80 – 20 refers to a statistical rule which states that 80% of your revenue will be generated by 20% of your clients. This tool defaults to display 20% of your transactions which make up 80% of your revenue.

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Reset Columns

This tool resets column sizes to their default values.

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Re-index is used when you notice a corruption in your transaction inquiry. THis tool will delete the existing indexes from your data file and replace them with new values. It is recommended that Re-Index All is included as part of the month end procedure.

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Accesses a built in Text Editor tool.

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Accesses a built in Spreadsheet creation tool.

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Custom Report

Accesses PagePro for creating and saving customised report layouts.

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