How Documents Management System Works?

Why Choose SapphireOne's Document Management System


In today’s digital world it is crucial to have a well-designed document management system as this will help you manage any documents that need to be stored relating to transactions in your organisation’s data file. This will greatly reduce and simplify paper storage requirements for your business.

SapphireOne has a provision of storing documents or files of any type within a selected transaction in the data file. Once the document has been stored for a particular transaction there is no need to look for it as the document will be attached to the transaction you are currently viewing.  If the user has to print the document all that is required is just a simple click of the mouse. No more searching for the documents.

Benefits of SapphireOne Document Management System

SapphireOne digital Storage

SapphireOne document management system helps you to save office space as it allows you to file all of your documents digitally.

Since these documents are now stored digitally within the data file, anyone wanting to view them will first have to actually access the data file with the SapphireOne application.

Secure & Cost Effective

Securing documents is a major topic when talking about document management systems. SapphireOne document management system which is standard functionality in SapphireOne, helps you and your company better manage these risks.

For invoices that are created from the data file, SapphireOne has the ability to directly create a pdf for storage, posting or emailing to the required customer or vendor. This DMS system will save time and make the storage of your data and documents more accurate and user accessible.

Scan in existing Paper Documents, Making them Digital

The SapphireOne document management system assists you to send your invoices and documents directly from within the data file.

With office space getting more expensive as time goes on, paying for space to store paper documents can be a waste of resources. Switching to a document management system means you can scan and upload the existing paper documents into the data file, allowing you to shred these documents and reclaim your space and resources.

SapphireOne CRM Software

SapphireOne CRM software suite can help in making your business more efficient

Our Sapphire and SapphireOne system allows you to continue day to day business activities with minimal interruption.  This in turn can increase productivity, accuracy and professionalism for your business.